Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Glue It: Tattered Roses

Pin It Tattered roses are all the rage! My grandmother taught me how to make these 30 years ago using wide ribbon and a needle and thread. If you wanna stitch them, just replace the glue spots with a stitch or two. If you wanna make some quick roses - use Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun Helpers! (shipping to stores soon!!!!!)

The roses can be used to embellish just about anything! Jewelry, headbands, purses, gifts, party favors. They can be made in a variety of sizes too. Practice with a scrap of fabric first. After two roses you will be an expert!

1. Begin with a long strip of torn fabric. Taffata (show here) creates a tattered edge. Cotton looks county chic and knit fabrics (recycled tees) have a soft urban look. This piece was 30" x 3".

2. Add hot glue to one corner.

3. Fold the strip in half and press into the hot glue.

4. Fold over the end to form an angle. Hot glue to secure.

5. Fold over the strip of fabric and begin wrapping around the first glued fold from step 4.

6. Continue folding and wrapping. It should look something like this.

7. Continue to add hot glue where needed. Fold and wrap until you are 1 way around the first fold.

8. Use a Hot Glue Gun Helper paddle to pick up small amount of glue if needed.

10. Once you have made it around the first fold trim off the extra tail.

10. Bring the fabric to the back of flower.

11. Secure with hot glue.

12. Press and hold with a HGGH finger cap for protection.

13. Continue folding and wrapping along the back of the flower.

14. When you reach the end, hot glue the last bit of fabric.

15. Press to secure.

16. Hot glue a gem in the center

17. Use the pointed paddle to press the gem.


  1. I love making the flowers but I REALLY need the Hot Glue Gun Helpers before I make any more! My fingers tips (actually one in particular) says thanks and hurry to the deep south!

  2. thanks for the tutorial! and what a great way to show off your new cool tools!