Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot Glue It: Glammed-Up Party Invitation

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Hot Glue a Glammed-Up Party Invitation

See the tools in action!!

The finger caps helps prevent burns when gluing ribbons and pressing!

Glue two ribbons and clip the ends.

The press wand's carved tip allows you to smear hot glue!

Glue punched papers together.

The Press Wand, keeps your fingers out of the glue!

The paddle allows for a soft press - so your petals don't get smashed!

The non-stick tweezers help with delicate items.

The Press Wand's carved tip, plumps paper flowers when you press in the center.

Tweezers are perfect for setting stones!

The blunt end of the Press Wand is perfect for a flat press!


  1. seeing how you used all the tools has my hands itching for the hot glue gun help set! my hot glue story is this: years ago when the gun was new, I had to help my aunt cover a small parade float with tissue paper flowers using a black & decker hot glue gun. it was heavy, hard to use, and we burnt our fingers so much that we took turns passing off the gun and a cup of ice - we sure could have used your set back then! we didn't even bother peeling the glue off our fingers after the first hour because we were afraid our skin would come off with it. Glad you 2 came up with this!

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