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Everyone has a Hot Glue Story! 
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How did people survive without a hot glue gun??!! It's really a crafter's best friend. You can't beat the instant gratification that comes with hot glue. And of course, that's not even as awesome as the fact that you can defy gravity and glue things together that would normally be very hard to stick to one another. I'm so excited for Cathie's new tools!
Leah Kramer – Founder of

I hate glue gun burns and I always get those little hot glue strings all over everything when I use hot glue.
Claudine Hellmuth – Collage Artist and Author

My first real memory with hot glue was at my grandma's gift shop where she did silk florals. She let me play with the scraps and make whatever. But I remember more than once getting burned---like McDonalds coffee law suit hot---and flipping my hand so fast to try and get it to cool.
Candie Cooper – Jewelry Design and Author

It is awful when hot glue burns - when it accidentally hits your skin... the heat, the burn...
Ana Araujo - When Creativity Knocks

I have a love hate affair my hot glue gun; it's versatile and quick set thus making it irresistible. However, its horrible web like strings and burns are undeniable. I actually own 3 small guns, 2 large guns and 2 glue melting pots. I use them to make everything from fabric Christmas trees and candy sundaes to bejeweled frames and fabric magazine holders. Once I even used my hot glue gun to twine wrap my stool. The stool turned out beautiful but my hands were a blistering mess.
Angela Pryor – Mother and Altered Artist

Boy could I have used Cathie's "new invention hot glue gun" the day that I got hot glue on my hand and tried to shake it off and didn't realize that i was standing next to a very expensive chair. the good news is that i got the glue off my hand before it burned my skin - the bad news is that the chair got a big smear of glue on it! Oops
Cathy Callahan – Cathy of Californa and Window Display Artisit

I have never used a hot glue gun without burning myself on the glue. I try extra-hard to be careful, but somehow I always end up scalding myself, and having to pick the rubbery stuff off my blisters. Not fun.
Lanie Rea - Blogger

I love making swirls, squiggles, and designs on my artwork using my glue gun. I then let them dry completely. After that I go over each one with a metallic marking pen. They just pop on the piece. My students always want to learn this technique first in class!
Nancy Hunt Bartek - Artist, Teacher

If a hot glue gun won't fix it.....nothing will!
Just Call Me B. – Blogger and Mom

My favorite save the day moment- with a hot glue gun- My designer jeans, which had a special cuff at the bottom of the leg, came undone one day while I was running out the door for work. I grabbed the glue gun because I didn't have time to sew. It only took a few seconds to heat up and I glued the cuff of the jeans and figured it would get me through the day. The bond held for months afterwards! It was amazing!
Anne – Student

A must have in my studio for creating party decor and event favors!
Pop Parties – Party Planners

I was fixing one of Gracie's (my daughter) toys and I was using the hot glue gun to attach one piece to another. I squeezed out a giant pile of hot glue on to the back of the piece I was holding and just as I was pulling the gun away, a tiny bit of the glue got on my thumb, so I flicked my hand in reaction. The piece with the hot glue on it flipped over and stuck itself to the inside of my ring finger, and all the extra hot glue I had used smooshed out the sides and flowed over my skin. Long story short, in order to get the glue off (which was still molten), the skin had to be peeled off. Not that it mattered, the skin was burned anyway. I had a huge 2nd degree burn on the inside of my finger which required a full-finger bandage for three weeks.
Chel – Mother or Two

My experience with hot glue goes back, through about 2 decades. The best part about glue gun glues- They provided quick tack results for creating any type of work on any substrate that can handle the temp. of the glue!
Inventive Soul – Blogger

I have a billion stories but the one that comes to mind is the time I was gluing eyeballs to my Grumps, assembly line style and went to scratch my face with my thumb but used the hand that was holding the hot glue gun! I burned my nose and had no one to blame but my dumb self. Talk about GRUMPY!
Stacy McQueen – Grumps Designer and You Tube Blogger

I was making glitter ornaments and I was using hot glue to glue the feather boa around the top when all of a sudden a gush of hot glue came out and landed on the feathers and then on and in between my fingers. Needless to say my fingers looked like a chicken that was fried with white feathers.
Mary Ruth – Blog Reader

When I was getting ready for my first grandaughter to be born, I used hot glue to glue pink ribbons all over the bassinett and even when we sold it, the ribbons were still attached and beautiful.
Donna Harcourt – Blogger & Grandmother

I live in the humid south and once taught school. The only way I could get things to stick to our concrete walls was to use hot glue. Nothing else withstood the humidity and the texture on the walls. At the start of each new year, I had battle wounds to prove that I had hung new posters. I love hot glue!!
Texas Gal – Blogger

Low-temp hot glue gun + thrift store black satin bra and a few yards of striped red ribbon + a dollar store fun foam 3-D parrot visor + plastic gold coins + 1 hour of hysterical laughter in front of the bathroom mirror trying not to burn various body parts while glueing everything together = A kickin' pirate themed bra bought off my back at Relay for Life for $40 by a gentleman widowed by breast cancer. Watching him walk that track with a smile on his face made me forget all about my singed fingers!
Tammy Powley – Blogger

I was using a glue gun to glue flowers on a wreath. Of course my cat was very interested and decided she must know what this strange gooey substance was. As I was putting the glue on the wreath, she reached out her paw and put it smack in the middle of the hot glue. She realized right away that it was a mistake. She meowed and meowed as I am sitting there laughing trying to get the now dried glue off of her paw. It must have been traumatizing for her because she now runs and hides when she sees me get out the glue gun.
Meredith – Blogger

Just Hot Glue it!!! As Nike would say...:-)
Signsofthetimesensuch – Blogger

The Mermaid Day Parade would be *nothing* without a hot glue gun! How else would you strategically place starfish on a costume?
Elena – Blogger

Hot Glue Thighs!! My friend dropped a hot glue gun on her thighs and it wasn't a pretty site when she was working on some centerpieces. She couldn't wear shorts for months.
Kasey – Blog Reader

I have a love/hate relationship with hot glue. The occasional 2nd degree burns and all of the little trailing glue stringies suck, but that instant bond is a beautiful thing! If you can't take the heat, get out of the craft room!
Krissy @ B. Inspired – Blogger

I'd be naked if it weren't for hot glue! I build costumes, historical costumes in particular. I've tacked, glued, and created props, accessories, repairs, and hats using hot glue. My glue gun was a gift from a former boyfriend, an artist. He gave it to me so I could create art too. Then he broke my heart - twice.
Condo Blues – Blogger

One of me and my sister's earliest experiences with glue guns was making a wreath with mini ornaments. We worked so hard on that thing, but we used a large glue gun so the ornaments ended up with big gluey gobs under them. Not too pretty. We also had a horrible time with the dried glue web strings laced all over the place because we tried that random pattern look. Oh well. It was fun, although not very attractive.
Cristina - Blogger