The Tools

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 Each kit comes with 7 pieces.

The Craft Mat

 Measures 14.75" x 11.5"
Heat resistant mat.
Protects work surface.
Acts as a landing pad for a heated glue gun.
Hot Glue will not stick to the mat.
Cooled hot glue peels clean from the mat.
Washes clean with soap and water.
Can be rolled for storage.
Stain resistant.

The Finger Caps
(You get 3 caps.  2 adult and 1 teen)

Protects tips of fingers while pressing.
Hot Glue will not stick to the finger caps.
Allows for “faster crafting” because your fingers are protected.
Heat resistant and nonrestrictive.
Helpful for beginner crafters.
Helpful for crafters with arthritis.

The Paddle

Heat resistant and non-stick.
The pointed tips allows for using a small drop of glue.
Paddle allows for a soft press.
The long wand allows for the user to reach into “nooks and crannies.”

The Press Wand

Tipped end is used to smear hot glue.
Blunt end is used for a firm heavy-duty press.
Size of wand is easy for the user to grip around or press from the top.
Works great when the user is working with large amounts of glue.

The Tweezers

Used to place small items (rhinestones & beads) into hot glue or gem glue.
Heat resistant tip that glues will not stick to.
Better placement of items: the tweezer offers more control than fingers.