Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Glue it: T-Shirt Wreath for the Holidays

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This little holiday cutie was made with recycled tees!  In celebration of my next book (101 Tees - Lark Books - 08/2011) I am doing a years worth projects with T-shirts.  You can find previous ideas here.

Materials Needed:
Green T-shirts to recycle. (I used 4 tees)
Pinking sheers or Rotary Cutter
Wire Wreath Form
Hot Glue
Ribbon Bow

T-Shirts to cut.  I like to use different shades of green tees.

14" Wire Wreath Form.

Rotary Cutter!  This one embosses too!!!  SEE My Tutorial HERE - very soon!!!

Let's Do This!

Step 1. Cut the tees into strips of fabric that are 1.5" wide and 6" long.  Discard printed pieces and save for another project.

Step 2. Grab one of the strips.

Step 3. Fold it into a "U" shape.

Step 4. Place the "U" through one of the wires on the wreath.

Step 5. Bring the tails through the "U".

Step 6. Pull the tails.

Step 7. Continue until the entire wreath is filled in.

Step 8. Place the wreath on a protected work surface. 
(hot glue will drip down)

Step 9. Spread the ties in different directions.

Step 10. Hot glue Ornament Balls in the spaces.  

 Step 11. Keep hot gluing ornaments.

Step 12.  Tie a bow to one side.

That is it!


Happy Holidays,


  1. What a cute idea. never would have thought to use t-shirts to make a wreath.

  2. that is so adorable! by using patterned tees or adding some other fabric to it, the possibilities are endless!

  3. this is an awesome idea! i'm definitely going to try it!

  4. I definitely loved this "top-info". Igonna try out some of them next time. Maybe you want to pass by on my post. Keep on going!