Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craftzine Includes Hot Glue Gun Helpers in Their Holiday Gift Guide!

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Thanks Craftzine!
Blush Blush.... We are so honored to be included in Craftzine's Holiday Gift Guide!  Hot Glue Gun Helpers really are a crafters best friend.

Get your Hot Glue Gun Helpers from our official shop!

Please visit the link to see all the awesome kits that were featured: Link Here.


  1. What an awesome idea this is! I have burned myself many times while creating with a glue gun! I've got glue residue on surfaces, where the glue hardened before I had a chance to remove it. I've used craft sticks and straightened paper clips, but this set looks wonderful!

  2. I just scorched off my fingerprints making ribbon roses tonight. I need this.

  3. continued from above - contact info:

  4. Good safety and tools set. This would be amazing to use to help all crafty people from burning themselves all the time. Great product.