Friday, July 8, 2011

Tune in or DRV - DIY Network - 3 epiosdes of Creative Juice - Monday Mornings

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Get Your Creative Juice Fix.....
3 episodes of Creative Juice - Monday Mornings!

July 11th - 2011
Mornings - Check you local times


Episode 804:
From the Sea

Jewelry Projects
Wire Wrapped Beach Glass Necklaces
Pearl Wrist Wraps

Home Projects
 Vintage Style Plaster Mermaids

 For The Kids
Toy Mermaid Doll

Sea Salt Bath Salt Recipe


Episode 805:
Medieval Lights

Transferring Stamped Tissue Paper onto Candles
 Soy Wax Container Candle Making
Ribbon Wrapped Votive Holders and Vases

Home Projects
Gothic Candelabra


Episode 806:
Star Bright

In The Kitchen
Star Fruit Skewers and Homemade Salsa

Home Projects
Modern Mirror Star-burst Wall Hanging

Cooper Mesh Wrapped Votives

For The Kids
You're a Star Card

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