Thursday, January 20, 2011

make it: Play Cake

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This little cutie is is calorie free and loaded with sweetness! 

What you will need:
3 Styrofoam Circle Disks
Apple Barrel - Pink Paint
Apple Barrel - Yellow Paint
Hot Glue Gun Heleprs
Hot Glue
Paper Flowers
Silk Flowers
Pom Pom Trim
Small Canned Food
Lid To a Plastic Tub

Let's Make It!

 Paint two of the disks pink and paint one of the disks yellow.  The Apple Barrel paint sinks into styrofoam making it the perfect choice for this project.  Bonus...this paint is also one of the least expensive acrylic craft paints!

Add hot glue to the top of on of the pink disks.

 Layer the yellow disk on top of the pink disk.

 Hot glue the second pink disk on top of the yellow disk.

 Working on one of the disk seams, hot glue a band of ribbon around the cake.

 Repeat for the other seam.

 Hold the paper flower with the HGGH tweezer. 
Add hot glue to the back of a paper flower.

 Position around the top of the cake.

 Continue around the cake.

Working in between the the ribbons, add flowers to the sides of the cake.

Hot glue a jumbo flower to the top of the cake.

Use the paddle so you don't crush the flowers.

Working on the bottom of the cake, hot glue pom pom trim around the cake.  Use your finger cap so you don't burn your finger!

 Remove the label from the can.

 Hot glue ribbons around the can.

Hot glue the lid to the top of the can.
Use the press wand for a firm press.

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  1. very cute project - i can't wait to get my HGGH and start using my gun constantly again!